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Workforce Development

Boland Training Center

The Boland Training Center is a comprehensive vocational training facility accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF) and offering services approved by the N.J. Department of Labor. Courses offered are approved through the N.J. Department of Education Chapter 531. The program offers a variety of services:
  • Vocational Evaluation and Assessment: A three- to five- week program to assess vocational aptitudes and limitations. Prevocational testing includes standardized tests, work samples, and situational assessments.
  • Production Services: This program develops work skills and experience through training in assembly packaging, collating, shrink film, and light machinery contractual assignments.
  • Skills Training is offered in Food Services (leading to Sanitary Food Handler’s Certification).
  • Counseling Services/Job Placement: This program offers vocational and job-readiness counseling, job search services, and job placement assistance.
Location: 321 Central Avenue Newark, NJ 07102 • Phone: (973) 268-3160

Displaced Homemakers Program

This program provides instruction in employment skills for displaced homemakers. Participants learn basic computer literacy and coping skills. Job counseling, and immigration assistance are also available.
Location: 2201 Bergenline Avenue Union City, NJ 07087 • Phone: (201) 325-4833

Janitorial Maintenance Skills Training

Participants learn the skills necessary to gain entry-level employment cleaning commercial buildings, providing maid service, or cleaning airplanes. Clients learn cleaning techniques and how to handle the chemicals used for cleaning. The program also off ers job search assistance.
Location: 321 Central Avenue Newark, NJ 07102 • Phone: (973) 268-3160

Job Search

Participants learn the skills necessary for a successful job search, including resume development, Internet access, and computer literacy.
Location: 321 Central Avenue Newark, NJ 07102 • Phone: (973) 268-3160
Location: 2201 Bergenline Avenue Union City, NJ 07087 • Phone: (201) 325-4824

Supported Employment Program

The Supported Employment Program is committed to the placement of severely and persistently mentally ill clients in integrated work settings in the community. Emphasis is placed on assisting clients in articulating their employment goals and obtaining placement. The program also offers extended and ongoing services to facilitate job retention and career advancement.
Location: 2201 Bergenline Avenue, 3rd Floor North Bergen, NJ 07047 • Phone: (201) 558-3789 or (201) 519-5009

Supportive Assistance for Individuals and Families (SAIF)

The purpose of the SAIF Program is to reduce dependency on welfare by promoting economic self-sufficiency for individuals who have received welfare benefits for more than 48 months. Annual Impact: 750 people. The (SAIF) program provides services to welfare recipients that have been unable to become economically self-sufficient due to serious individual or family barriers. A holistic approach is used to address issues of homelessness, recovery, mental health, etc. The program has an Intensive Case management component and an outreach component. Clients are referred to the program by the Essex County Division of Training and Employment (DTE).
  • Comprehensive social and vocational assessments, literacy testing
  • Intensive case management services
  • Individual Service Plan (ISP)
  • Linkage and coordination of social services
  • Career counseling
  • Advocacy
Location: 47 Miller Street, Newark, NJ 07114 • Phone: (973) 266-7946 • Fax: (973) 266-7990

Workforce Development Private Career School

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