Permanent Supportive Housing

St. Jude’s Oasis

Permanent Supportive Housing for Families that are Homeless
St. Jude’s Oasis is a permanent supportive housing program for homeless families with children under the age of 18, many of whom are ineligible for entitlement and benefit programs. The program has five three-bedroom apartments located in the downtown Jersey City area. St. Jude’s Oasis seeks to help homeless families stabilize their housing situation in the community. To qualify for the program, the Head of Household must be homeless and have a disability. Once in the program, each family is assigned a caseworker to determine needs in a host of areas, including job training, education, employment, housing, and mental-health or substance-abuse counseling. The caseworker will support each family and offer referrals and linkages as needed as well as  work hand in hand to ensure the family is successfully maintaining their living space.

Phone: (201) 656-7201
590 North 7th Street · Newark, NJ 07107