Catholic Charities Mourns the Loss of Reverend Monsignor Frank LoBianco

February 25, 2022 – Dear Friends,

It is my sad duty to share with you the passing to the Lord of Reverend Monsignor Frank LoBianco, a priest who became a legend in the development and the life of Catholic Charities and the Mount Carmel Guild. Very soon after his ordination to the priesthood in 1959 he expressed an interest in the disabled and the marginalized. That interest grew into a drive to serve the least favored. With his own resources and on his time he acquired a Ph.D. in psychology which he put to use almost immediately and for the rest of his life as a licensed professional.

When the Archdiocese was seeking to unify and organize the diverse work of charity around the Archdiocese, Monsignor LoBianco was instrumental in that reorganization with the establishment of Catholic Community Services which is now Catholic Charities of the Archdiocese of Newark. This included the behavioral health programs of the Mount Carmel Guild and also the special education schools, for the latter Monsignor LoBianco was heavily involved in their initiation. He served as the first Executive Director of Catholic Community Services, after which he served in a number of pastoral assignments including being Rector of Sacred Heart Cathedral and responsible for its renovation. All during this time Monsignor LoBianco was never far from the work of Catholic Charities and the Mount Carmel Guild. This was especially noted when Archbishop Myers named him special consultant to the Agency. Monsignor LoBianco was also a source of institutional history and wise counsel to the administration. In 2017, the title of Executive Director Emeritus was bestowed by the Board on Monsignor LoBianco.

Monsignor LoBianco’s commitment to the mission of Catholic Charities and the Mount Carmel Guild is both a witness and a testament to a life of dedicated ministry to the disabled, the poor and the marginalized. As we take our farewell of Monsignor LoBianco we recognize and acknowledge a faith-filled legacy of service of a dedicated priest and a Christian witness in the footsteps of Christ the Good Shepard. May Monsignor LoBianco rest in the Lord’s peace – a good and faithful servant.


John Westervelt

John Westervelt
Chief Executive Officer

590 North 7th Street · Newark, NJ 07107